COVID 19 Update

We would like to take a few quick moments to share what we’ve done to combat the spreading of germs and limit the spread of the virus.

Besides the routine cleaning procedures that were already in place prior to the pandemic, we have installed three additional UV Air Purification systems within our heating and air conditioning systems to sanitize and disinfect all airborne viruses. The filters in these systems are also changed on a routine basis to aid in the process of maintaining a clean and healthy space.

We also utilize an Ozone Generator between services to help purify the air and rid the auditorium of any living viruses or pathogens than may have accumulated during services.

Additionally, we now have multiple viewing rooms available with closed circuit television where members can watch a live feed of the service that is being held in the auditorium. These areas include the foyer, the conference room, the nursery, and the Family Life Center. We ask that all members wanting to view the service in the FLC wear a mask as a courtesy to others as well. The back four rows on the right side of the auditorium will also be designated as “mask only” rows for future services.

There are also hand sanitizer bottles within the pews and stationed at tables within each viewing room to help maintain the cleanliness of the surfaces and objects members interact with. We also encourage members to continue to practice social distancing when possible and practice routine hand washing in an effort to minimize the spread of any germs.

Lastly, we ask that all members practice love and compassion as we interact with other members. God has made us all unique with different talents, skills, and viewpoints. In light of that, we encourage one another to err on the side of caution when interacting with other church members and their comfort level with physical contact. Please remember that some individuals may have weaker immune systems than others so extra caution is needed. This applies to both church members and visitors alike.